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Est 2012

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Kuala Lumpur-based producer Iwaz is notable for infusing traditional Malay music with ambient electronic soundscapes. His journey as an electronic-driven artist started when he co-founded and became a member of the electronic band ‘MENIKMATI’ during his student days studying architecture. The band had performed in Bandung, Indonesia and made appearances across festivals in Malaysia such as Urbanscapes, Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival, JB Arts Festival, AOR Festival and Spectra Festival. Known for his ability to adapt to different genres, his solo journey sees him experimenting with music that are driven by his emotional frustration. He recently released his debut album ‘SUSUR MASA’ consisting of remastered works featuring collaborations with international artists & musicians such as Swathi (Sri Lanka), Pipin Jamson (Indonesia), Adam Weiser (U.S.A.), Musa Kanda (Australia) & Lily Vanilli (Malaysia) in 2019.

Iwaz - Haruskah Aku

Iwaz - Haruskah Aku

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