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A 1978 born Johan Sultan [mixed-race] is an art director, musician and producer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A self taught musician, who doesn’t go by the books but merely inclined with his child like expressions to everything he touches creatively.


With a very unique childhood, gave him the ability to wander into different dimensions of perceptions and understanding ways

of  life through an odd View-Master. His eyes are always far in a distant meadows and over hills.


However, he was not excellent in academics, due to his mild-autism condition. He loves spending time in the attic or the shed building and creating homemade toys, gadgets and many other fascinating crafts to keep him occupied. He really love music and at this point of time he attempted to pick up the bass guitar and started playing with a local punk rock band called Toxin 99%. After the bass, he went on to learn the  guitar. They were very active in the underground circuit from 1994 till 2000.

After high school, he left for the big city. There he spent 2 years in an art college taking up Graphic Design and Advertising studies. Graduated and got his first job as a Recruitment Column Graphic Artist. And from there he headed on to the bigger boys (International Ad Agencies).


He had form many kinds of musical interests and have been in and out of bands during these years as well. From Progressive Instrumental to Post Rock Experimental right up to Folk music. He gained some musical reach with the band he formed with his half brother called The Cotton Field Scarecrowes.

Johan was the principle song writer and the frontman for the band. They launched their debut album “Dancing Hymns And Broken Rhymes” in 2013 and arrowed their way into the busy 2014 playing for The GoodVibes Festival, Urbanscapes Festival and the following Oceansation Festival in 2016. Also gaining various media coverage from BFM Radio, TraxxFM Radio, NTV 7 Quickie, JUICE Online Magazine, TimeOut KL, The Star, NST, The Wknd, Bandwagon (SG). to name a few.


The band disbanded 2017.


 After going through about 16 years in the advertising industry, he left to build and run his own ‘Speakeasy-Event-Space’ and Bar call The Gaslight KL. This was one of the platform for the local music scene hosting young upcoming artists be it music, poetry right up to dancers. It was a unique hole-in-a-wall. The Gaslight shut it’s eyes after almost 4 years being one of the pillars of KL music institution in 2018. 

This is where he will walk on his journey into a new chapter.