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Est 2018

RIA (Rainbows In Attic) is an electronic pop duo that was formed in January 2018. Started as a series of casual jamming sessions among two childhood friends and ended up composing songs via GarageBand. Their influences would include from the likes of The Naked And Famous, 1975, Blink 182, Foster the People and  among many others. Throughout the years, RIA has performed alongside big names like Bunkface, Kapow, Cora, Margasatwa, Mad & Rissa, PitaHati,  and many more. They have released 5 songs on Spotify and 1 music video on YouTube. RIA is in progress in completing their first album and expect to release it in year 2020. 

Rainbows In Attic (RIA) -  RIA
RIA Rainbows In Attic

Rainbows In Attic (RIA) - RIA

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