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Est 2016

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The Fatalis officially was formed with the final line up in late December 2016. The band is a garage-rock-revival and fused with hardcore punk elements, which has become the basic fundamental of every each of the band members. The process to form the band took us 2 years to finalise in terms of music genre, band directions and band line up. But along the way, we managed to get help and support from our friends and as a result, the band’s final line up are Aiman Mufti on drums (ex-Sphere), Adib Azfar on guitar & vocals (ex-Oh Chentaku, Telephony, Decades), Faiq Aizad on lead guitar (ex-Project Alice) and last but not least, Nadzmi Musa on bass (ex-The84, session for Xtrotoyz). At the moment, the band just released a 6-track ep in CD format in a 7″ inlays in conjunction with Record Store Day 2017 called Gagalis Optimis.

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